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Mental Health

Summer Wellbeing Challenge

How do you look after your mental health? 

Everyone has mental health; it's just as important as physical health. Mental health allows people to:

  • realise their full potential
  • cope with the stresses of life
  • work productively
  • play a full part in family life, school life and community life

Mental ill-health is a wide range of conditions that affect your mood thinking and behaviour. Many people have mental ill-health conditions from time to time.


Take action!

It helps to think of mental health as something you do rather than something you have. The more you put into it, the more you're likely to get out of it. 


How will you model mental health to your children? Early Help for Mental Health (EH4MH) say:

“Children respond best to mental health strategies when they can see them modelled by those around them – it’s not just something we’re telling the children to do, mental health is something that everyone has, and that everyone needs to maintain.”


At Pinhoe, we use our 10 Ways to Wellbeing to help promote mental health. We talk about when we use the Ways to Wellbeing and how they make us feel. Try using the 10 Ways to Wellbeing at home. You don't have to use all of them every day! 



Risk vs Resilience 


All children will experience setbacks in life but a ‘wellbeing toolkit’ helps them to develop resilience and cope with challenges.


“An important key to promoting children’s mental health is an understanding of the protective factors that enable children to be resilient when they encounter problems and challenges. [Protective factors include] a sense of self-esteem and confidence; a belief in one’s own self-efficacy and ability to deal with change and adaptation; and a repertoire of social problem solving approaches.” (DfE Mental Health and Behaviour, March 2016).

Key Messages


  1. Mental health is everybody’s business.
  2. Relationships are central to good mental health.
  3. Each of us has our own balance between risk and resilience.
  4. Reducing risk or increasing resilience can make the difference between coping and not coping.

Resource ideas to promote positive mental health