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SEN & Inclusion



Inclusion team


At Pinhoe C of E (VA) Primary School, we have a very strong Inclusion Team with a strong skill set. The Inclusion Team provide additional support through a variety of interventions and are overseen by the school SENDco, Hannah Chamings


Breakfast Club

At Pinhoe School, we offer a fantastic breakfast club. Breakfast club provides an opportunity for children to have a calm and gradual transition from home and school. During breakfast club, children develop their social and communication skills in a safe and nurturing environment. The children are provided with a variety of different healthy cereals, toast and a drink. This is a provision that is offered through referral only. If you are interested in finding out more about the Breakfast Club, please speak to your child’s class teacher.
Family FUNS

At Pinhoe School, we work in partnership with Active Devon to deliver the Family FUNS programme. In the sessions, the children work with their parents to strengthen and develop their fundamental skills. The sessions follow a series of stories and songs which enable both parent and child to get up and active whilst having a lot of fun! All parents that actively participate in the family FUNS programme are given a free resource pack to help continue the fun and activity at home.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language interventions are delivered by Sarah Colley and children work either 1:1 or in small groups. There are a variety of assessments used prior to interventions so learning targets can be set and these are repeated to track progress. Some programmes are provided by the Speech & Language Therapist who visits our school. Home programmes can also be provided for home practice if requested.
Speech interventions focus on articulation, which is how children say sounds and intervention involves listening and speaking games.
Language interventions focus on teaching children how to understand different language concepts and we initially work on comprehension (understanding) and then expressive language.
Chatterbox intervention focuses on teaching children the social skills required for talking within a small group. This includes; looking at the person talking, listening well, taking turns when talking, talking about one topic at a time and asking questions.
All interventions focus on playing games which the children really enjoy!

Code is a reading intervention delivered by Mrs Lynne Oakley. The Children work either 1:1 or in small groups to give them the personal support they need.  
The Project CODE X books are a series of exciting stories where the children visit 12 zones in which they have to complete a reading challenge to win a key to unlock the next zone.
Each session delivers; Phonic knowledge, tricky word reading, spelling, comprehension and most importantly enjoyment!
The children are continually assessed to ensure that they have understood and can apply the knowledge they have learnt.
Social and Emotional Support

These interventions are run by Mrs Carrie Shute, Mrs Charmaine Tyner and Mrs Erica Wright. The children enjoy their quality 1:1 or group sessions; talking about any issues or problems they might be facing. Through art, drama, sport and fun activities, the children overcome many hurdles. These interventions have shown to improve: self-esteem, self-confidence, friendship issues, worries and generally being happy at school; especially at playtimes.


Family Support


Our Family Support Worker, Becks Dean, is able to offer a wide range of support from supporting with behaviour charts, bedtime routines, bereavement and loss, family separations, domestic violence to how to support your child through a transition or support their mental health. In the first instance, please talk to your child’s class teacher if you feel that this is a provision that you would like to know more about.


Timid to Tiger


‘From Timid to Tiger’, is a 10-week course for parents who wish to find out more about how to increase their child’s confidence and manage anxious behaviour. The course has been developed by psychologists and it teaches effective CBT (cognitive behavioural techniques) to help children manage their worries and fears.

Each Timid to Tiger session provides clear, practical strategies to address the common but very troubling problem of anxiety in primary aged children (including separation anxiety, social anxiety, anxiety manifested as anger, generalised anxiety and panic). It is led by Sarah Hitt, who has completed CBT training, and by Becks Dean, our family support worker.