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Pinhoe C of E VA Primary School

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From September 2019, our Teaching team is as follows:

Pre School

Pre School 1 Mrs Amanda Brown currently on maternity leave
Pre School 2 Mrs Bekki Heddon

Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage 1 Mrs Lynne Oakley
Foundation Stage 2 Ms Jacqui Richman
Foundation Stage 3 Miss Alice Green

Year One

Year One  1 Mrs Mikki Davies
Year One  2 Mrs Megan York
Year One  3 Mrs Lucy Herring

Year Two

Year Two 1 Miss Natasha Moss
Year Two 2 Miss Molly Cornwall

Year Three

Year Three 1 Miss Jenny Robinson
Year Three 2 Miss Alice Endacott

Year Four

Year Four 1 Mrs Jen Metcalf
Year Four 2 Mrs Laura Jonker (picture coming soon)
Year Four 3 Miss Katie Hawkins

Year Five

Year Five 1 Mr Adam Cunningham
Year Five 2 Miss Cat Buckley

Year Six

Year Six  1 Mrs Angie Rowe
Year Six  2 Mrs Sarah Hitt - PSHE Lead
Year Six  3 Mr Aaron Ware
Year Six  4 Mrs Vikki Ibbeson


SENCO  1 Hannah Chamings - SENCO