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Year 2




Phonics Play Log-in


Please find below a link to the Phonics Play website.  This is an excellent website for phonics learning and is going free to use for the upcoming weeks.  Please ensure children are using it whilst learning from home.

Home Learning Menu - Friday 27th March

Please find todays maths and writing activities. This is the last day of maths activities on multiplication and after Easter, the activities will focus on our next maths topic. 
There are two writing options for children to choose from today. There is no expectation for them to do both, however of course they can if they wish! 
Thank you for sharing their learning on Seesaw, it has been really great to see! Please continue to share it with us and continue to let us know if we can help in any way. 
Have a wonderful Easter break. 

Miss Cornwall and Miss Moss

Home Learning Menu - Thursday 26th March

Please find below a list of activities for the children to do today. We ask that one writing and one maths challenge is completed. Thank you to everyone who has sent us photos over the last week, we have both loved seeing what the children are getting up to! 

Topic menu - week beginning 23rd March

Topic menu - week beginning 23rd March 1
Home Learning Menu - Wednesday 25th March
Good morning, please find below some activities for the children to do. The expectation is that one writing challenge and one maths challenge is completed each day, however the children are more than welcome to try another challenge after they've finished! Please don't forget to read or be read to each day too - this could be a book, magazine, a recipe or anything! 
Home Learning Menu - Tuesday 24th March
Good morning, please find below some activities for the children to do. The expectation is that one writing challenge and one maths challenge is completed each day, however the children are more than welcome to try another challenge after they've finished! Please don't forget to read or be read to each day too - this could be a book, magazine, a recipe or anything! 

Home Learning Menu - Monday 23rd March

Good morning, please find the activities and the work for today below.

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Word List

If you're short of things to do, you could always practise a few of your spellings! Below is the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Word List. Choose some words you find tricky and use your different spellings patterns to practise them! 

Picture 1

Home learning activities:
Please find some suggested activities and websites to help support your child’s learning should they be off school. These should prove to be both supportive and helpful. A blue home learning book has been sent home for you to use to help your child complete some of these activities. These books will not be marked and there is no expectation for you to use them. They are just an extra resource that should be helpful to you.


Alongside these activities, please read with your child as often as possible. This could be magazines/recipes/ newspapers as well as just books. Please also use Mathletics/TTRS to support your child’s learning if you are able to.

Some useful links for some websites that will support learning are;

  • Switcherzoo

Watch, listen and play games to learn all about animals


  • Nat Geo for kids

Learn all about geography and fascinating animals


  • Behind the news

Listen to short reports- activities and questions included


  • Turtle Diary

Games for literacy, maths, science


  • Topmarks

Easy to play games available in a range of topic areas. ​​​​​​



The topics we have covered in class are as follows. This will help you choose which topic areas to support your child using some of these websites.



Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division






Continents of the world

Capital Cities

The UK


Historical Figures (eg Samuel Pepys)

Climate change





Living things

Animals and plants

Predators and prey


Special activities to complete:

  • Can you write a letter to someone in your family/ near where you live. You could write to an old people’s home/ someone you know who lives alone. I wonder if you will get a reply back?
  • Watch the Dynasties Penguin programme with an adult- BBC Iplayer


  • Choose a breed of Penguin and answer questions about it using the internet/ books/ family members to research
  1. Where in the world does your penguin live?
  2. What does your penguin eat?
  3. What type of animals might eat your penguin?
  4. What does your penguin look like- can you sketch one?
  5. How tall does your penguin grow?
  6. What does your penguin weigh?
  7. Tell me 3 interesting facts about your penguin


  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song. You could teach this to your friends when we are back at school.


  • Can you cook or make something for your family to enjoy together-


  • Can you find out interesting facts about your local area?
  • Can you learn to draw a new animal?


  • Can you complete one act of kindness every day


  • Write a diary each day of what you have done that day.


Acts of kindness:

Each day we will be setting you a different act of kindness to complete, starting from Monday the 23rd of March. If you would like to record these in your special home learning books, about what you did and how it made you and others feel, we would love to see it. This is in relation to our Christian values at our school and understanding the importance of kindness in these tricky times. 

  • Monday 23/03: Tidy a room in your house - try your bedroom!
  • Tuesday 24/03: Try something new. It could be a new experience such as a new food, game or activity. 
  • Wednesday 25/03: Give a small present to someone. It could be a handmade card or gift. 
  • Thursday 26/03: Listen to a piece of music that makes you feel relaxed. 
  • Friday 27/03: Take some time to play a game with someone, or make up your own game! 
  • Saturday 28/03: Do a job someone else usually does. 

World Book Day 2020!

Miss Cornwall and Miss Moss were so impressed with how amazingly the Year 2 children dressed up for World Book Day this year! We had a lovely day full of reading related activities and sharing stories with each other. Please enjoy some of our photos below of our amazing costumes! 

Insulation experiment!

Year 2 have been exploring how penguins are suited to the cold waters in Antarctica. Children explored the comparison between their own hands in ice water and a 'lard covered' hand to represent a penguin's layer of blubber.

Year 2's Great Fire of London!

After weeks of learning about the Great Fire of London, the Year 2 children were finally able to burn down their houses that they have spent lots of time working on at home with their families. It was very exciting to see all of the houses go up in flames, starting from the Thomas Farriner's bakery and spreading across London. We had a big discussion when we were back in class about why the fire spread so easily, linking to all of our science learning about materials! 

Year 2's Great Fire of London!

Year 2's Tudor houses!

As part of our Great Fire of London topic this half term, the children were set a homework 'project' to create a Tudor house, much like they would have looked back then. The whole school has been incredibly impressed with the houses that have been brought in. It was obvious that the children and their grown ups had been working so hard at home and it definitely paid off! Please enjoy some photos down below from our homework celebration, where all the children were able to share on post its what they liked about each other's houses. 

Year 2's Tudor houses!

Year 2's Great Fire of London day

Year 2 have had a brilliant start to this academic year with our immersion day based around our topic 'The Great Fire of London'. We got into mixed groups across the year group and went around 4 different activities - fire making and marshmallow toasting, den building, bread making and painting Great Fire of London paintings! Throughout the day we began to expand our understanding of what exactly happened that night when the Great Fire of London started. The children really enjoyed every element of the day and are looking forward to learning even more over this coming term! 

Letting our worries go!

Still image for this video
In Year 2 as part of our PSHE/Jigsaw lesson we talked about worries, how we manage them and how important it is to share our worries with someone to help them go away. We then wrote our worries, put them inside balloons, blew them up and literally let them go!

A Million Dreams

Still image for this video
A final memento of the wonderful KS1 Christmas Production! Enjoy!



What an incredible week for Year Two!  The Christmas performance of The Inn-Specters was amazing, with two very professional performances this week.  The children were outstanding, singing and acting their hearts out both times.  We are very proud of them for learning such a tricky and ambitious play!  


Thank you to everyone who came and watched the play, we hope you enjoyed it!




'Bethlehem's full, there's no room at all...'


The children are incredibly busy with Christmas performance rehearsals at the moment.  It is coming along nicely and is starting to look like an actual masterpiece in the making!  Thank you for helping with learning lines at home and the many songs to sing.  The children cannot wait to perform 'The Inn-Spectors' in a few weeks time.  


Thank you everyone who attended the wonderful Italian Cafe afternoon last week.  It was a wonderful event and the pizza was of a very high standard.  The children were enthusiastic and excited to share their learning this term.  


Finally, we would like to invite all parents to our Christmas Craft afternoon on Thursday 6th December.  It will involve making a wide range of decorations and Christmas themed crafts for the classrooms.  




The Year 2's have been very busy over the last two weeks.  We have been continuing to work on our addition and subtraction, including some practice with arithmetic style questions.  We are also busy practicing how to write reports, looking at the skills and information we will need to use when writing them.  We have also found out loads of information about lizards to use in our report!  We have been really impressed with the children's focus and effort in all lessons these last few weeks, they have settled into Year 2 incredibly well and are doing really well. 


The children are also starting to get excited about the Christmas Production, with auditions being held on Friday!  Song lyrics have been handed out today so please make sure they are practicing and learning the lyrics.  We are looking forward to an incredibly busy few weeks coming up!

Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

We have had the most amazing day at Pizza Express in Torquay. The children learnt about different Italian foods and how they are used to make a pizza. We started with the dough, added a tomato sauce base and then topped our pizzas with yummy cheese. Once finished and cooked, we went to sit on the Harbour and eat our delicious lunch. The children were superbly behaved and all the adults involved were so proud of them!