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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

EASTER Home-learning -  Week beginning 30th March

Hello everyone! Hope you are all keeping well, safe and enjoying this beautiful sunshine!

As some of your have requested, we have uploaded some activities for you to complete over the Easter Holidays. Please let us make it clear that these DO NOT have to be completed, however you may wish you do as many or as little as you choose. 

Thank you to those that are sending completed work and updates regularly. Please do share any work with us - we do love to see what you are all doing! 


Take care,

Miss Hawkins, Mrs Jonker and Mrs Metcalf

Easter Topic Menu

Easter Topic Menu  1
Easter Topic Menu  2

Maths Activities


Don't forget that you can still logon to Timetable Rockstars and create activities with any practical resources. For example; create your own 'Snack Shop', where you need to supply to correct amount of money to pay for snacks, or experiment with measurements when cooking or making!


White Rose Maths have provided some very useful lessons online! The link provided gives lessons linked to the last unit we looked at in class. It would be a great opportunity for the children to recap over some of the topics studied to consolidate their learning.  The videos are great and help explain the key concepts. Feel free to complete a selection of the questions into your workbook if you are unable to print. You don’t need to answer all the questions.

Any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to SeeSaw message us!

Home-learning -  Week beginning 23rd March

Please find below this week's activities for Writing, Maths and Topic learning. There is a daily Maths and Writing activity and we would like you to choose at least 2 activities on the Topic Learning Menu to complete over the week.


As always, please continue to log onto Mathletics, TTRS and make sure you are reading daily, where possible.


Remember, we would love to see your learning on Seesaw so we can see what you have been up to!


Please do contact us if there are any issues regarding logins, instructions or any difficulties. We are more than happy to help!

Miss Hawkins, Mrs Jonker and Mrs Metcalf smiley

A suggested Home Learning Timetable, if needed.

A suggested Home Learning Timetable, if needed. 1

Literacy Activities

All documents added to Self-Isolation section of our blog, can be used to support the completion of these tasks. Please see below.

Topic Learning Menu

Topic Learning Menu 1
Self-Isolation Home Learning

Below are some attachments to complete, if your child is self-isolating. This is recap of Spring Term, so therefore there should be very little that can't be accessed. We have included any relevant teaching materials to help you and your child, for those areas yet to cover in class. We have included both Year 3 and 4 learning activities for Maths and Reading. Please feel free to recap any previous learning, as appropriate. 


As always, please continue to log onto Mathletics, TTRS and make sure you are reading daily, where possible.


Please do not hesitate to message via SeeSaw or email through the office with any issues.

Mrs Metcalf, Miss Hawkins, Mrs Jonker

For Literacy, we would like you to use the Writing Stimulus to create a high-quality description of a setting. Please use all of our skills we have learnt already! Attached are word mats to help with all of these:

  • adjectives and expanded noun phrases
  • effective choices of verbs
  • use of adverbs
  • conjunctions
  • fronted adverbials (ISPACE)


Here is our Spain knowledge organiser! Using this knowledge, and anything else you've learnt, can you create a quiz for another Year 4 child? Make it as exciting as you want!
We have had a great start to Year 4! Lots of new things to get used to and exciting events in the upcoming weeks! Please follow our blog to follow what we get up to throughout the year!

Year 4 Spring 2020 Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser

Click below to access any of our Homework Menus that are sent out every 3 weeks! Please let us know if your child needs a paper copy!

February 2020


In RE, we have been focusing on




Specifically, we have looked at the Trinity and how Christians show their beliefs. A visit from Reverend Wiz allowed us to reflect on a Christian Baptism and its connections to the Trinity.

February 2020


We had such a fun day creating lots of variation in sound on our

Science Day!


 We explored pitch and how sound travels. The children loved creating their string telephones and working out how they work best! Next term, we will be looking at Electricity and carrying out lots of fun and exciting practical activities. 

January 2020

Year 4 are currently exploring:


We are investigating how we hear things and the process of vibration.  The children learnt that the louder the sound, the bigger the vibration and the quieter the sound, the smaller the vibration.  We experimented with this using drums and rice!  

Our Tuning Fork experiment was fascinating and the children observed the vibration in and out of water!

What amazing Rockstars Year 4 could make in the future! It was the launch of Timestable Rockstars and the children were invited to dress up as a Rockstars and complete various Mathematics tasks throughout the day! There will be continuous battles that will be scheduled each week for the whole school... so make sure you get rocking!

4KH Rockstars!

4KH Rockstars! 1
This term, we have been focussing on States of Matter within Science. To explore the difference in solids, liquids and gases, we recreated the molecules using Cheerios! We also looked at the change of state in 'Outrageous Ooze' - it just couldn't make up its mind!

Year 4 have been having a big focus on how we approach our Maths work! We have applied a new approach, which includes moving through the process of Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving! This has meant that we are able to practically use our resources and verbalise our Maths, using Maths talk! 

"This is really helping my work, as I can talk about what is going on in head"


Below is some pictures of us tackling our Maths, using our Maths partners too!

"We will remember them"

Have a look at our beautiful artwork we created to remember those that have fought, or are fighting for us! There were great conversations on why we have 'Poppy Day' and all of the children loved creating their poppy projects.

Clive Pig Visit!

Year 4 spent the morning with the story teller, Clive Pig. His stories were amazing and the children were captivated by his use of voices and chances for imagination for all the Viking stories he was telling!

Picture 1

Viking Day!

Year 4 dressed up brilliantly in their Viking costumes to take part in a very successful Viking Day! We had great fun helping the invading Vikings by making helmets, weaving them clothes and even feeding all those hungry bellies with Viking Bread!

Viking Longboat Making - DT Day

Thank you to all those that brought in lots of resources to help build our Viking Longboats! The children worked through a design process, a mock attempt, before creating their beautiful masterpieces!

Spring 1

Year 4 Spain Wow Day 

What a WOW day! Flight FR1057 completed! Year 4 had a great day re-enacting a flight to Spain; they had to check-in with their passports and boarding passes, watch a very important safety video, watch some in-flight entertainment, snack on some of the great refreshments the flight had to offer and end the experience with baggage reclaim! Thank you for your support in getting us to the airport!


For our WOW day, we also invited a Spanish dancer to teach the children some moves! We learnt all about the rhythm of salsa!