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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Curriculum Newsletters and Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 2021 Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn 2021 Knowledge Organiser


The Year 5 and 6 Christmas video is now ready for you to enjoy. 

It has been uploaded onto Google Classroom. 

For safeguarding purposes, we ask that you do not share this video on any social media websites - thank you for your support with this.

The Year 5 and 6 team  would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and restful Christmas. We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. 

                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS


Throughout this term, we will be uploading weekly home learning for anyone who may need to self-isolate due to COVID-19. Obviously, if your child is ill then we are not expect them to complete the work and just hope that they focus on getting better. The work uploaded on here will be on the same themes as we are covering in class so that your child does not feel behind when they do return to school. 

If you need any additional support then please feel free to contact either Miss Buckley or Miss Favis.




See the 'Weekly Activity Menu' for Monday - Wednesday.

Complete the tasks in the links below for Thursday and Friday.






Mr Ware's Transition T-Shirt Task (the documents include an example and the templates to use)



Welcome back to our virtual Summer Term!


We hope that you have managed to have a lovely Easter Break and have all stayed safe. Hopefully you have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine and are now feeling rested and ready to continue with your virtual learning. 


We will continue to upload Literacy and Maths work daily for you and will also upload weekly topic work. As a school, we have invested in a new spelling programme which will be with you hopefully by next week. In the meantime, we would like you to continue to revise the words in the Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists. 


We are expecting you all to continue reading every day, both independently and to others in your household. I am also attaching a list of websites that will support your enjoyment of reading, including a variety with free audiobooks.


Each week, you will also be given a wellbeing task which is set by Mrs Hitt. 


Please remember to upload work to SeeSaw so that we can see how you are getting on. Please let us know if you need anything at all.


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott




ICE Team

Our ICE team have shared these great resources with us! Here are the links to all of our resources:

Our ICE Youtube Channel:

Our ICE School’s blog:

Our ICE Facebook page:

Our ICE Instagram feed:

WC 13/7/20

Good Morning Year 5!


This week is your FINAL WEEK in Year 5! We just want to say how HUGELY proud we have been of you all this year and how you have all coped with Lockdown. We hope that you all have a lovely, restful summer and enjoy having a break from home learning!


This week you have a range of different activities to complete including some extra transition activities. This will be your last week of Home Learning so try to complete as much as you can.


Remember that we have our Zoom Roman Quiz on Monday and you will be having a Q&A session with your new teacher later in the week.


Have a lovely week!


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott




Finish off all of your SpellingFrame, spend some time on TTRS and have a look at the transition activities!


Your final task is to choose your first book for THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS!



WC 6/7/20

Good Morning Year 5!


We hope that you have had a lovely, restful weekend and are ready for another busy week of home learning. We only have 2 weeks left until the SUMMER HOLIDAYS so this is the final part of Year 5. Next week we will set you some 'End of Year' tasks to get you thinking about your rather different year.


This week will be a fairly normal week with your usual daily and weekly tasks. You will be continuing shape in Maths, creative writing in Literacy and The Romans in topic. Look out for a special task in your topic work this week!


Keep going with Spelling Frame - you are doing so well with this!


Have a lovely week and let us know if you need anything at all.


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott



MATHS - coordinates Battleships Game




Literacy: 1. Finish off your week of Spelling Frame by completing the test.

            2. Share a book with someone in your family.


Maths: Spend some time on TTRS or playing Times Tables games. We are determined that you are going to know your Times Tables by heart!



Create a time capsule for your time in Lockdown. Think about what you would like to tell and show people in the future!


WC 29/6/20

Good Morning Year 5!


Here we are again at another week of Home Learning with lots of new activities to explore. We are so proud that you are continuing to work hard and persevere and are looking forward to our Zoom sessions this week where we can see your smiling faces.


This week, we would like you to really focus on your SpellingFrame. Lots of you are really enjoying this new way of learning your spellings and we want to encourage you to spend as much time as possible on this. If you can enter Year 6 with secure spelling knowledge, then you will have very happy teachers!


Have a lovely week and remember to let us know if you need anything. Miss Buckley and Mr Cunningham will be in school Monday - Wednesday as normal but we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott

Every Monday's Literacy will now be a SPaG session. These will involve a PowerPoint and Extension task. You can choose which you would prefer to do or complete both!




Have a lovely, enjoyable day with your family. Enjoy a slightly more relaxed day and try some of the task below:


LITERACY - Finish your week on SpellingFrame by completing your test.

MATHS - Spend some time on TTRS or playing the games uploaded previously.




Have an OUTDOOR AFTERNOON. Go for a walk, a picnic or complete an outdoor activity as a family. Enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with your family!

WC 22/6/20

Good Morning Year 5!


Welcome to another week of Home Learning. We have uploaded lots of lovely activities for you to complete over the week including an extra section called 'The Rainbow Games'. As we cannot have a proper Sports Day this year, we are going to celebrate National Sports Week through 'The Rainbow Games'. Give it a go!


Remember to spend some time each day on SpellingFrame where your weekly spellings and test will be ready for you. So many of your are building your points well  and are enjoying the different spelling games. Keep it up Year 5!


We are missing you all and look forward to hearing from you throughout the week to see how you are getting on. Remember to send us a 'Hello!' just to keep us smiling!


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott





LITERACY: Finish your spelling week by completing your test on SpellingFrame.


MATHS: Spend some time on TTRS or with multiplication games (see below).





Have a baking competition to see who can make the best sweet treat. Send photos over to us if you need an external judge - GOOD LUCK!


WC 15/6/20

Good Morning Year 5!


Welcome to another week of Home Learning! This week you are going to continue with your 'The Day The Crayons Quit' writing unit and also continue with your maths. We want to see as many completed pieces of work as possible sent across to see how you are getting on.


For your topic, you are going to start learning about The Colosseum which will feature in your topic work for the next few weeks. This is one of the most famous aspects of Roman history and hopefully you will enjoy learning about this amazing building and its gruesome past.


We are setting you a challenge this week. We would like you to create a TIMES TABLE SONG for the multiplication  table that you find the most difficult. Please send these to us for us to see - the more inventive the better! If you do not want to sing it yourself, you  could create a video for it on an animation app or bribe a sibling to sing it for you.


Have a great week. We know that it is getting hard to keep motivated but try to keep going and let us know if you need any help! Remember that Miss Buckley and Mr Cunningham are in school Monday - Wednesday but we will get back to you ASAP.


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott


Literacy: Finish your weekly SpellingFrame by taking your weekly test.


Maths: Extension tasks or TTRS or Times tables games (activities attached below)



Create a board game to play with your family. Send us your finished products and let us know who wins!

WC 8/6/20

Good Morning Year 5!


This week should be a fairly normal week. We have uploaded the usual daily and weekly tasks for you to complete as well as a few extra ideas for activities that you might like to complete. Your literacy will look slightly different on Monday and Tuesday as we will not be starting a new writing unit until Wednesday.


Miss Buckley and Mr Cunningham are now in school every Monday - Wednesday teaching the returning year groups and key worker children so we will not be able to respond as quickly as normal. We promise that we will get back to you as quickly as we possibly can though and if you need anything urgently, Miss Endacott is available via SeeSaw.


Please remember to spend some time each day reading, practising your times tables and working on your spellings.


Keep letting us know how you are getting on! We love seeing your work and hearing your latest adventures and stories.


Have a lovely week,


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott



Spend some time on on TTRS, reading and completing your spelling test on SpellingFrame.






Think about what makes something healthy and what size portion a snack would be. Your aim is to make us hungry with your delicious looking snack!


WC 1/6/20

Welcome back Year 5!


We hope that you had a lovely half term break and managed to enjoy the sunshine. Now that you are all rested, we will get back to your home learning! This will take the same format as last half term so you are all aware of what you need to do.


This half term, Miss Buckley and Mr Cunningham will both be in school every week Monday - Wednesday so it may take us a bit longer to respond to messages on those days but we will be with you as quick as we can. Miss Endacott will be working from home so please feel free to message her with any urgent questions on these days. We will all still be available to help you with anything that you need.


Please remember to keep sending us work and letting us know how you are getting on. We are really enjoying your messages about all the different things that you are doing to keep yourself busy during this time. 


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott

Weekly Topic Menu




Literacy - Finish your week on SpellingFrame by completing your weekly test.


Reading - Share a story with a family member. You could even ring/ video message a relative and read to them.


Maths - Times Tables! This could either be with TTRS or a game with your family.

WC 18/5/20

Good Morning Year 5!


Welcome to another week of Home Learning. Hopefully you have all had a lovely weekend and have managed to enjoy the sunshine. You only have one more week until Half Term and then you can have a rest and relax.


Your Literacy this week is finishing off your 'Instructional Texts' unit by creating your own 'How To' guides. You will be given time to both plan and write these before sending them to us. We are looking forward to reading these!


In Maths, you will continue with the BBC Bitesize. If you are finding this easy then make sure that you are completing the extension tasks too.


We are still expecting you to be spending time each day reading and spending time on both TTRS and Spelling Frame. We have been impressed with how many of you have been accessing and gaining points on Spelling Frame - keep it up!


There is also a link for a special website called 'Hay Festival' this week which is Miss Buckley's favourite festival. It is a literary festival where lots of authors talk about their books. This year they are putting the events online for free and there is a different children's event every day this week. You will find the link in the 'Weekly Activity Menu' section.


Remember to let us know if you get stuck or need any help. We love seeing all of your work and are really proud of you all.


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott

Below is a link for 'Hay Festival for schools'. Every year a huge literary festival takes place in a small town called Hay-On-Wye and a section of this festival is designed for children where famous authors come and talk about their books. As the festival can not take place this year, they are streaming the events for free via their website. Each day there will be a different video to stream and many of these may be fun for our Year 5 children to watch.

MATHS - Adding fractions extension task




Today is 'Family Fun Friday' again where no formal work will be set. Instead we ask that children spend some time completing extra-curricular tasks and spend some time on the following:


Literacy: Finish your weekly spelling on Spelling Frame. Share a book with a family member.


Maths: TTRS or Mathletics.


W/C 11/5/2020

We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and the glorious sunshine! Planet Earth is obviously rewarding us all for following the guidance and staying at home! Hopefully you all enjoyed the VE Day celebrations and now understand a bit more about why we still celebrate it today.


This week your learning will follow a similar pattern to the other weeks. You will be given daily tasks to complete alongside weekly topic based activities. Remember to spend some time each day on TTRS and SpellingFrame.


In Literacy this week we will be continuing to look at instructional texts. There will be some SPaG elements along with some days of writing.


In Maths, we will be continuing to use the BBC Bitesize videos to support our maths learning as well as the activities on their website. Each day these will be supplemented with extension activities which you can find below.


Please remember to keep sharing your learning via SeeSaw or email. We are enjoying hearing from you and seeing the wonderful work that you have completed.

Monday 11th May

Literacy - BBC Bitesize link

Log on to your SpellingFrame account and check your spellings for this week. You will need to complete your test by Sunday!

Maths - please use the BBC website and access the video tutorials and downloadable tasks through that. Below are some extension activities for you to try if you wish.

Tuesday 12th May

Maths - please use the BBC website and access the video tutorials and downloadable tasks through that. Below are some extension activities for you to try if you wish.

Wednesday 13th May
Thursday 14th May

MATHS - Extension activities after completing the BBC Bitesize activities

Friday 15th May

Literacy: Spend some extra time on SpellingFrame and complete your week's words.


Maths: Spend time on TTRS and Mathletics. 



W/C 4/5/20



This week you will only have 4 days of lessons uploaded as it is Bank Holiday on Friday. The Bank Holiday is on a Friday this year to help us commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. On Thursday, all of your daily activities will be based around VE Day.


You will find attached below your weekly tasks. In Literacy this week, you will be starting to look at writing your own 'How to' guides. Each day there will be a short tutorial attached to support your learning. In Maths this week, you will be switching over to the BBC lessons. These each come with video support and tasks. 


Remember to keep letting us know how you are getting on through uploading work on SeeSaw or via email. We are really enjoying about the other things that are not school related that you are getting up to as well so please keep us updated with your news too.


Have a lovely week,


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott


Maths - please use the BBC website and access the video tutorials and downloadable tasks through that. Below are some extension activities for you to try if you wish.


Maths - please use the BBC website and access the video tutorials and downloadable tasks through that. Below are some extension activities for you to try if you wish.


Maths - please use the BBC website and access the video tutorials and downloadable tasks through that. Below are some extension activities for you to try if you wish.

WC 27/4/2020

Good Morning!


Welcome to another week of virtual learning. Hopefully this has all become fairly normal and you are getting used to your new way of learning. If you are finding anything difficult and need extra help then please send us a message either on Seesaw or via email and we will get back to you ASAP.


This week you will receive your daily tasks along with your topic menu and specific topic activity. For your topic activity this week, you have been given a DT project. If you do not have anything at home to make this with then please do not worry - you can choose to create something else instead.


We are expecting you to continue to work on TTRS and your reading every day. You will be receiving your SpellingFrame logins too and we expect you to spend 20 minutes a day on this.


BBC Bitesize have now started their daily lessons across the whole curriculum. There are some fantastic bits on there, especially in the wider curriculum subjects. The link is: 

Further to this, as a school it has been decided that we are now switching from White Rose Maths to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons, so please log on and use this from now on - there are some activities already loaded below prior to the switch, so you can choose what you would like to do.


Have a fantastic week and we are looking forward to seeing all the lovely work that you produce!


Miss Buckley, Mr Cunningham and Miss Endacott

Monday 27th April 2020

Maths - Please use the powerpoint to support you. Try the fluency before moving onto the reasoning. Bronze is Developing, Silver is Expected, Gold is Greater Depth

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Maths - Please use the powerpoint to support you. Try the fluency before moving onto the reasoning. Bronze is Developing, Silver is Expected, Gold is Greater Depth

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Maths - Please use the powerpoint to support you. Try the fluency before moving onto the reasoning. Bronze is Developing, Silver is Expected, Gold is Greater Depth

Thursday 30th April 2020

Maths - Please use the powerpoint to support you. Try the fluency before moving onto the reasoning. Bronze is Developing, Silver is Expected, Gold is Greater Depth

Friday 1st May 2020

Literacy - SPaG Quiz

Maths - please use Mathletics and TTRS.

WC 20.4.20

Good Morning Year 5,


Well done for all settling back down to your learning last week. It was so lovely to see all of your work via Seesaw and see some of the amazing extra-curricular learning that you have been doing to. Please remember to keep uploading your work for us to see.


This week will continue in the same style. Remember that on top of the uploaded work we are expecting you to spend:

- 30 minutes a day reading

- 30 minutes a day on TTRS or Mathletics

- Time listening to a story on one of the websites uploaded

- Some time doing something you enjoy


On top of this, I have attached 3 reading comprehensions tasks. You will need to complete one of these throughout the week.


If you need anything, please message us as we will get back to you ASAP. Miss Buckley is in school this week but she will still be contactable via Seesaw or email. 


Have a lovely week!

Monday 20th April

Maths - please access the support videos on Week 2 -

Tuesday 21st April
Wednesday 22nd April


Thursday 23rd April


Friday 24th April
Maths - please use Mathletics and complete the decimals section.
w/c 13/4/20

Literacy 17/4/20 - You have all been given the same task today. Try to wow us!

Literacy 14/3/20 Please choose a task and complete. Today's session is important as the next 2 week's work will be based around it.

Topic - The Romans


This term we are going to be learning about 'The Romans'. For your task this week, we would like you to start by looking briefly at who the Romans were and when they lived. Choose a level of activity from the activity pack below and use the resources to help you. You will be given a different topic based task each week to complete.


Maths w/c 13/4/20

Please access the maths support videos on the White Rose Hub website: to help you try the differentaiated tasks:


Below is three levels of challenge for you to try (Gold is an extension challenge after completing Silver):


Self-Isolation/School Closure Home Learning

WC 23rd March 2020.


This is going to be a bit strange for everyone so please use this week to ease yourself in and find a routine that best works for you. You do not have to follow a 'normal school day' routine but can work this however is best for you. It is probably going to take a few days to work out how to approach tasks and schedule your day. Please do not hesitate to contact us  if you are confused by anything. 


Below are some attachments to complete for the following week (23rd March). This is recap of Spring Term, so therefore there should be very little that can't be accessed. We have included any relevant teaching materials to help you and your child, for those areas yet to be covered in class. Please feel free to recap any previous learning, as appropriate. 


As always, please continue to log onto Mathletics, TTRS and make sure you are reading daily, where possible.


Accelerated Reader can be accessed at home to complete quizzes after finishing a book. Please use the web address:


Please do not hesitate to message via SeeSaw or email through the office with any issues. 


Both Miss Buckley and Mr Cunningham are in class this week with the remaining children so will get back to you as quick as they can. 

Easter Home Learning

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, albeit indoors! Here are some activities that you could complete if the lockdown has left you feeling bored:


Maths - Who will be the Easter Rock hero on TTRS?


Reading - Don't forget to continue reading daily and to complete the AR quizzes! Also, make sure you take advantage of the free offers that keep popping up online. Currently Audible is free, so you can listen to thousands of different books! Amazing!


PE - Joe Wicks PE on Youtube each morning at 9am! A great way to start the day!


Topic - make or cook something Easter related and post a picture to your class Seesaw journal.


Kindness - make an Easter card for an elderly or vulnerable neighbour living nearby. This could be posted whilst you are out on a walk for your daily exercise!



25/3/20 RAINBOWS


If you have not already done so, it would be great if you could create a rainbow to stick in your window for the rainbow trail. This movement is having a really positive impact on our society and it would be lovely to see as many of Year 5 taking part as possible. If you can, please send us pictures of these via SeeSaw so that we can appreciate the effort that you have made. 

25/3/20 - Maths and Literacy

Maths 24/3/2020 - further to the materials outlined below, please complete these Addition and Subtraction challenges

Maths - 25/3/2020

Maths - Please access the work set for you on Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars. Below are some additional challenges. We would like you to use this week to secure your understanding of your times tables.


Over the following few days we would like you to complete the following:

1. Write a set of instructions for making your lunch. This means that you will need to MAKE your lunch to help you know what to write. Make sure that you include:

  • Numbered instructions
  • Modal Verbs (must, should, will, could, ought)
  • Imperative verbs/ bossy verbs (put, cut, take, etc)
  • Correct punctuation


2. Write an instructional text on how to survive a day at school using modal verbs and imperative verbs. You will also need to include a range of sentence openers and sentence structures.


3. Write a short adventure story based around an animal of your choice. This does not need to be a long story but will need a beginning, middle and end. Make sure that you include:

  • A range of sentence openers
  • Correct punctuation
  • Exciting vocabulary
  • Expanded noun phrases



We would like children to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes each day reading. We have attached a list of appropriate questions that you can be asking your children to check understanding.



We have attached the Y3/4 and Y5/6 Statutory Spelling Lists. We would like children to spend time learning these and applying these to sentences. We have attached a set of spelling games and activities that the children can play.


Reading - Remember that we would like you reading for ATLEAST 30 minutes each day!

Spelling - We would like you to choose 10 words from either the Y3/4 or the Y5/6 spelling lists that you struggle with. Use the spelling activities to learn these words by heart. Can you write a funny paragraph involving all of these words?

Topic Based Learning

This menu of options is to cover the next 3 weeks (WC 23/3/20). Choose as many tasks as you wish and try to cover a range of subjects.


Choose a country that interests you to make a fact file about. You will need to include information such as:

- Population

- Climate

- Spoken languages

- Famous landmarks

- Political structure

- Animals and habitats

- Interesting facts


ICT (choose 1 of 2 tasks): Please upload to SeeSaw.

  1. Create an animation on a topic of your choice using app software (I can animate lite is a free app that would be appropriate).
  2. Create a PowerPoint on a topic of your choice using transitions between slides and animations on pages.


History (choose 2 tasks):

  1. Create a timeline of Kings and Queens in English history. Find out who reigned for the longest and who reigned for the shortest amount of time.
  2. Create a factfile about Roman Exeter (Isca).
  3. Write a diary entry for a day in the life of a Mayan farmer.
  4. Draw a map to show which countries the Romans invaded.


DT (Choose 1 task):

  1. Create a model of a Roman chariot from your own choice of appropriate materials.
  2. Create a model of a Mayan temple.



  1. Design and create a piece of artwork based one of our Core Values (Love, Honesty, Perseverance, Thankfulness, Respect).
  2. Using ‘Learn2Draw’ website to learn how to draw 4 different animals.



Revise and memorise the days of the week, months of the year and numbers up to 20.


PSHE (Choose 1):

  1. Create a poster to explain a healthy diet.
  2. Write a set of instructions on how to keep healthy whilst self-isolating.
  3. Write a postcard to someone who is self-isolating.


Science (Choose 2):

  1. Create a life cycle of an animal of your choice.
  2. Draw a flower and label the parts using key terminology.
  3. Choose 10 items from your house and categorise them using the following properties. You may need to put them in more than one group:

- Transparent

- Opaque

- Translucent

- Flexible

- Hard

     4. Find out how many objects in your house are magnetic.







January 2020

It is safe to say that Year 5 have already become fully immersed in their new topic
‘The Global Crisis’.
We have started by thinking about how plastic is having an impact on our environment through the documentary ‘Drowning in Plastic’. After watching the documentary, we felt incredibly passionate about informing others and calling for a change. Using our British Values of Democracy and Rule of Law, we took to the playground to protest the use of plastic in our country.


Over the past week, we have also carried out a litter pick around the local playing field and found an astonishing 4 bin bags full of plastic-based rubbish! We were amazed at the things we found which ranged from crisp packets to a large toy car and even a single doll’s arm!

In our topic work, we have built upon this passion by exploring work on climate zones and biomes
and how these are changing over time due to environmental changes.
The trickiest part was drawing our own maps freehand!

Bottle Rockets!

Year 5 launched their bottle rockets last week and thoroughly enjoyed watching them soar!

Grenville House - Day 5


Grenville House - Day 4

Year 5: Day 4 at Grenville House has consisted of kayaking, orienteering, climbing, canoeing, abseiling, high ropes and problem solving! Tonight we are looking forward to Grenville's Got Talent!

Grenville House - Day 3

Another fantastic day in the sunshine today! We have enjoyed raft building, high ropes, canoeing and abseiling! We also watched a film this evening with hot chocolate and biscuits!

Grenville House - Day 2

Today has been an action packed day consisting of canoeing, absailing, kayaking, climbing, orienteering. We have enjoyed some wonderful food - chicken korma! We also had a lovely time down at the beach!

Grenville House - Day 1

We have had a brilliant first day kayaking, canoeing, climbing and problem solving, and are very much looking forward to our first full day tomorrow!

We The Curious
Year 5 had a great time at We the Curious this week! We went into the planetarium and learnt lots about the Earth, Sun and Moon in our workshop. We then had a little bit of time to explore the rest of the science exhibit. 
Drowning In Plastic
This half term in Literacy, Year 5 will be immersing themselves within the plastic crisis which is currently facing our planet. We have watched the shocking BBC documentary 'Drowning in Plastic' (a filtered version) and is it safe to say that we are all incredibly motivated to raise awareness and have an impact on our locality with regards to the effect of plastic pollution. This week, we have completed a litter pick around the school grounds and adjacent park. It was unbelievable how much litter we found - 3 big black bags full! This rubbish has now been disposed of or recycled. We shall also be creating emotive posters, writing tweets, information texts and letters. 

Year 5 Rock out for Times Tables Rockstars Day!

We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in our best Rock outfits and taking part in the TTRS challenge.