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Year 6


Friday 27th March


Good morning Year Six!


Your work for today is below:

30 minutes of reading.

30 minutes of TTRS and complete the Maths sheet below. 

Complete the SPAG sheet below. 

Finally, do not forget about the Tracker learning - two activities of your choice from the list!


Kind regards, 

The Year 6 Team

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year Six!


Your home learning for today will include:

30 minutes on Mathletics.

30 minutes of reading. 

I would like a story from the viewpoint of an Indian Elephant.  Your story can be as wild and as imaginative as possible but it must...MUST...include an example of passive voice.  Your story can also be illustrated. 


Finally, do not forget about the topic/afternoon work from the sheet at the beginning of the week!  


Kind regards, 

The Year Six team

 Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Year Six!


So your work for today involves the following:


Complete the Maths work below - two step word problems involving all four operations.  Once complete, feel free to spend some more time on TTRS. 

30 minutes of reading.

Complete the SPAG sheet below.



Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year Six, 


Please complete the following home learning for today:


30 minutes  or more of Mathletics (work has been assigned!).

30 minutes or more of reading (please be aware that your Accelerated Reader log-ins will work at home and you can quiz from home).

Your writing task today will involve writing a poem about Indian Elephants.  It can be a poem of any style (yes even acrostic) and it does not have to rhyme.


Kind regards, 

The Year 6 Team

Monday 23rd March


Good morning Year Six, 


Please complete the following home learning for today:


30 minutes  or more of TTRS

30 minutes or more of reading (please be aware that your Accelerated Reader log-ins will work at home and you can quiz from home).

Your writing task is to write a fact file about Indian Elephants.  Use the internet to find information ( and present it using formal, informative language.  Do not forget to use sub headings to organise your work and aim to use both semi-colons and colons in your writing.


Finally, select two items from the topic sheet to complete over the course of the week!


Most importantly though, stay safe and look after each other. 


The Year Six Team. 

Topic Sheet Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

Year Six Coronavirus Self-Isolation Work


Good afternoon, 


Please see below a selection of work for all children who are currently staying at home due to the Coronavirus.  This work can be completed in the books handed out to the children the other week.  


For all those currently affected by the virus, we send you all our thoughts, best wishes and prayers.  Stay healthy and look after each other. 


Kind regards, 

The Year Six Team 

Year 6 Spring Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser



As the SATs quickly approach, here is a list of revision websites that your child can use to keep their skills sharp:


An excellent, fun website covering reading skills and several different genres of writing:


This is a great resource for writing, reading and grammar. It directs you to several websites specific to your needs:


Some helpful reading comprehension can be practised through this website:


A little bit of everything in these last two websites from spelling games to writing tips:



An excellent fun website covering all the different areas of maths the children require: 


This is a great resource for all areas of maths; it directs you to several websites specific to your needs:


Fantastic game to sharpen those mental maths skills:

This website covers all the skills the children need in Year 6. Through timed questions, it challenges the children and addresses misconceptions with clear explanations:


Gut Instinct is a game that allows you to test your maths skills against others and will improve your mental maths speed and skills:  


January 2020

So far this term, Year 6 have been busy exploring the


They have been fascinated by the inner works of the human heart and how the blood is transported around the body.  Their curiosity has been driven even further by some brilliant experiments.  We began by creating blood using a range of different materials in order to understand what is actually in our blood.  We also dissected pig heart's, looking carefully at the different chambers and the features of the heart.  It was disgusting yet fasinating!!

WW2 Memory Cafe

To end our Autumn Term topic, on Friday 17th January, the children took part in a Memory Cafe. We invited people from the local area to share their knowledge, expertise and personal experiences of the war with the children. In return, Year 6 shared some of the songs and dances from the WW2 era that they have been practising. 

The children enjoyed looking at the artifacts and asked some brilliant questions about their local area during the war. 

We even enjoyed tea and cake with our special guests!

Year 6 India topic! Spring term. 

To launch our new topic this term, we spent the afternoon exploring the Indian culture. We learnt lots of key information that we are going to build on over the term. Did you know the national animal of India is the tiger and the national flower is the lotus? 

We spent the afternoon looking at different Mendhi patterns (a decorative design created on a person's body using a paste made from the henna plant). We used to designs to inspire our own and then used henna to bring them to life. 

We also followed instructions on how to put on a Sari ( a traditional women's garment). It was harder than it looks!

We are really looking forward to all the Art, DT, History and Geography we will be learning around this topic. 







The Year 6  WW2 'Dig for Victory!'

As part of our World War 2 topic, Year 6 have been learning about the impact the war had on people's lives. We have looked at the important role rationing had in ensuring that food and clothes were distributed fairly. 

We have also been learning about the 'Dig For Victory' campaign that encouraged people to use land wisely by growing as many vegetables as they could. As part of this, we planted our own vegetables in our garden area - we are looking forward to seeing how well our lettuce, red kale and pak choi grow so we can turn them into a delicious WW2 recipe! Watch this space!


Year 6  have had a GREAT start to our learning this week! We  launched our  World War Two topic with an ‘Evacuation Day.’ We listened to 'Neville Chamberlain’s Declaration of War Speech' and spent the morning getting ready to be evacuated. We made name placards, jam sandwiches for the long train journey and packed our suitcases with items recommended by the government. We even got to try on a gas mask, bought in by Alisa Adlem, to help us understand how it must have felt having to wear them in school!

During our long train journey, we learnt how to play Beetle Drive, a popular WW2 game for children.

We wrote letters and postcards home to our families telling them all about our evacuation experiences.

Year 6 are really excited about their upcoming WW2 learning this term

Year 6 had the most amazing time at Butlins for our residential. We took part in some brilliant activities where we learnt new skills and had so much fun! What a brilliant way to end our Year at Pinhoe

Year 6, it's time to revise!


Below are some website links with good resources/activities for you to revise from: no







Please make use of your revision books, SATS are week beginning 11th May smiley