Pinhoe C of E Primary School

Christian Distinctiveness Malawi Partnership

We are proud and excited to be partnering with St Peter's High School, Exeter and the Malawi Educational Trust and Medic Malawi, to enrich the educational experience of our children by learning about children's lives in other parts of the world and support the charity's fundraising objectives.

As part of our Christian Distinctiveness, we will fundraise to support the charity in delivering their objectives. During Easter 2018, the charity team built '7 classrooms in 7 days' in Malawi. We prayed for the work of the trustees, project participants and the community of Chimbya, Malawi, one of the poorest parts of the world. We also wrote letters to the children of Chalizya Primary School, where the classrooms were built.

During Easter 2020, the charity were due to revisit Chimbya and Pinhoe once again, fundraised towards this trip. Unfortunately due to Lockdown, this trip was unable to take place but will again, in time.

Previous Fundraisers have included:

  • non uniform days, to raise funds for Mosquito nets 
  • allowing the charity to use the school hall, free of charge, to hold charity quiz nights 
  • awareness building through assembles, newsletters and social media links 

Our prayers include dedicating time and space in our pupil and staff prayers for the children the charities support, the infrastructure of the local Malawain community, the charity staff and trustees and we also seek to partner with the community through the writing of letters between pupils at Pinhoe and the local schools in Chimbya. 

To find out more about the charities please visit the website link below. 

St Peter's Malawi Education Trust Website 

Medic Malawi