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Our Curriculum Pledge outlines our vision in a way that is understood by children and their families:

At Pinhoe CE VA Primary School the curriculum, underpinned by our Christian foundation, will prepare you for a constantly changing world, providing you with the necessary skills to contribute to society and lead happy, healthy lives. Our Core Values of respect, love, thankfulness, honesty, perseverance and forgiveness permeate all that we do.

We promise that your learning will be exciting and creative; a magical adventure with infinite possibilities!

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement 2023

Whole School Curriculum Map

Whole School Curriculum Map

E-Safety Additional Curriculum


At Pinhoe, we strive to develop active and responsible global citizens in all children and staff. 

These can be identified under 3 key headings:

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Skills
  • Attitudes

Attached below, is our progression document which outlines these themes, in detail, across the school. These are paired with our curriculum objectives and are intertwined in topic planning as well as within PSHE. Our whole school overview shows this in greater detail.

Relational Learning Curriculum.docx

Skills Progression Documents

Art Skills progression

Geography Skills Progression

History Skills Progression.doc

Languages Skills Progression.doc

Outdoor Learning Skills Progression

PE Skills Progression

Science skills progression

Skills Progression DT

Skills Progression Computing Complete


Skills Progression PSHE

Skills Progression R.E.

National Curriculum Reading progression

National Curriculum Writing Progression


Skills Progression Music

Curriculum Subject Information

Design Technology





Religious Education



Physical Education




Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning at Pinhoe?

The principles below are the fundamental elements of our Outdoor Learning:

  • it involves being outdoors as a central part of the experience
  • is open to all
  • seeks to use the outdoor environment as a vehicle for transforming the experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours
  • frequently has a challenging, adventurous element
  • often involves some physical activity
  • always respects the environment
  • is often cited as being both memorable and fun

‘The best outcomes are achieved when outdoor learning is designed as a frequent and progressive activity relating to broader learning that links to everyday experiences in a classroom and to real-life experiences beyond. The common thread is the focus on positive outcomes in personal and social development.’ English Outdoor Council 2015


The Learning Pit & Mental Wellbeing

Find out about our education pedagogy page

Mental Health and Wellbeing Page

Our Learning Heroes


Reflectiveness progression of skills.docx

Relationships progression of skills.docx

Resilience progression of skills.docx

Resourcefulness progression of skills.docx

An Introduction to BLP  


Remote Education

At Pinhoe C of E School & Nursery we use the Google Classroom as our online remote education provision for weekly homework for all children.

This can also be used if your child is absent from school but is well enough to access remote learning online.

Please liaise directly with your child's class teacher to access remote education as required.