Pinhoe C of E Primary School



At Pinhoe, we strive to make History both engaging and thought-provoking to inspire both a life-long love for the subject and also develop critical thinking and analytical skills that they can transfer across other areas of their lives. We facilitate both the retention and understanding of key knowledge through the use of both primary and secondary sources, discussion, written work and real-life experiences. 

In addition to our History lessons, we also offer experiences outside of the classroom with educational visits and external visitors. Some examples of this are:

  • Workshop and tour of Kent's Cavern
  • Story Telling visits from Clive Pig to learn about The Romans and The Celts
  • A WW2 Cafe where local residents are invited to share their experiences with our Year 6 students

Below you will find additional information about how History is implemented at Pinhoe C of E Primary School. Please click on the documents to explore our 'Curriculum Map' and 'Intent, Implementation and Impact'. 

Curriculum Information

Intent, Implementation and Impact

National Curriculum Coverage